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We offer hosting, we lease hardware and provide applications

Choose space in safe computing cloud, use our hardware and applications

We offer you access and management of professional IT infrastructure in cloud. We offer you access to business application models IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Services can be delivered through Internet or dedicated connections.
We offer hosting services, remote-user access services, and we lease equipment. We provide instances of Microsoft SQL Server in multitenant environment, dedicated Microsoft SQL server instances, Terminal Services in multitenant environment, dedicated Terminal Services servers, application server instances (another servers) in multitenant environment and a dedicated application server (another server) in the client’s dedicated environment.
We specialize in service user remote Access-user services, including access to Microsoft servers (SQL, applications, etc.), Terminal Services (Remote Desktop), Office 365 (Business Essential, Business, Business Premium) and Exchange Online Endpoint Security Symantec. We also provide VoIP channels (except intensive use channels, e.g. call center) and we lease equipment: thin clients (eg. The IGEL UD3 LX with monitor and keyboard), workstations, switches, devices RED 15, RED 50, and routers.

You pay-as-you-go for infrastructure and software use

We operate in a convenient pay-as-you-go formula. This implies that your costs are incurred in relation to actual use of infrastructure, software and IT services. You do not need to keep your own server room and take care about efficiency of your IT systems, data safety or costs of expensive licenses. We will do it for you.

We offer secure server room and high speed connection

Our servers are located in one of the most modern server rooms in Warsaw. It was designed to meet Tier III standards, meeting the highest security and reliability standards.

We offer the state-of-the-art reliable VoIP phone connections characterised by broad range of access service through leased lines and internet exchange points in Poland and abroad.

Our IT resources are designed to meet your most sophisticated demands – we can provide you with data servers, application servers and licenses.

All our assets we use have redundancies both hardware and connections and have back-up what increases your safety. We possess newest generation firewalls, which help to assure optimal security level.

We will help you to reduce excessive costs both in Poland and abroad

Our IT infrastructure is designed in such a way that it allows to provide central IT services and access to resources in major business centres in Central and Eastern Europe. Pay-as-you-go formula and outsourcing allow to cut redundant costs incurred by your company.

Choose convenient and optimal solutions

In the IaaS model we offer access to IT infrastructure designed to meet your actual business needs. You define hardware volume and specification, disk space, computing power or network connection. In SaaS model you can use selected functionalities of applications or complete software packages e.g. internet store, CRM or ERP platforms.

We have LIR status and cooperate with global providers

As a member of RIPE NCC, we have LIR status (Local Internet Registry). This implies that we can offer to our clients services in assigning IP autonomous system numbers (ASN). We are provider of independent address classes IPv4 and newly established IPv6 protocol. We are partners of Microsoft and Symantec.

    We offer hosting and server management services (VPS and dedicated):

  • Mcrosoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • specialist software

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